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Mark Carling

West Desert High School
Science Teacher
Partoun, Utah
I have taught science and math for over 30 years in rural and urban Colorado and Utah, on Navajo and Zuni Indian reservations, in South Korea, and for the Department of Defense in Guam. Currently, I teach a rotating science curriculum for students in grades 7-12, art, digital literacy, college and career, math, and one elementary class. Our high school has 17 outstanding students!

I am looking for successful models for teaching reading and writing across the curriculum, giving students opportunities to identify and pursue their unique skill sets in this small setting, and models for teaching in a classroom with diverse ages and abilities.

I love to play with words and have written poetry nearly all of my life. I have been experimenting with poetry across the curriculum for over 30 years. My students never cease to amaze me. I hope to share this with other teachers in a workshop setting. I look forward to seeing you there.
Wednesday, July 11

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