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Carrie Faulkner

University of Utah Reading Clinic in the College of Education
Carrie Faulkner received her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from BYU. She worked for several years at a Title 1 school, in the Jordan School District, before coming to the UURC. Carrie has earned certification in Early Steps, Early Steps Quads, Next Steps, Next Steps Triads, Higher Steps, and Wilson Reading System® Levels I and II. In addition, she is recognized as a certified Dyslexia Therapist, by both Wilson and IDA. Carrie serves as Field Practica Liaison and Instructor to the University of Utah pre-service educators, whom she trains and mentors. She also has the opportunity to assist in the professional development of educators in the field -- as trainer, liaison and support. She is dedicated to helping struggling readers, as well as educators, gain the skills and knowledge necessary for effective reading.